At Kaleidoscope we offer a range of services that are tailor made to an individual’s specific needs via a care plan following an assessment. All treatments within the care plan are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Kaleidoscope offers both harm reduction and recovery based services that are in line with government policy. The services offered include:

– Assessment

– Onward referral

Advice and Information:
If you just want to talk to someone about what to do, we can offer you a range of advice on various drug/alcohol related issues.

Brief Interventions:
Brief interventions usually comprise one to six visits, which may vary in length from 10 minutes to an hour or longer.

What a brief intervention does is motivate the individual to look at their drinking/drug taking pattern then help and support them to look at ways of making that pattern less risky to their health.

A brief intervention is designed for people who drink alcohol/take drugs at risky levels and is not really suitable for dependent drinkers/drug takers.

Structured treatment:
this is offered to those people who are generally dependant on drugs or alcohol. Treatment comprises of a more structured programme including prescribing as a substitute to the illicit drug which has been used. Substitute prescribing is most commonly used to help drug users come off heroin. A range of support services are also offered such as counselling and group work..


Work within our structured treatment programme includes:

  • Regular appointments with a worker:
  • One-to-one counselling:
  • Prescribing service: This service offers medical help for those people addicted to heroin or other opiate drugs. We can also offer home detoxification to people who wish to come off alcohol in their own home.  As part of this programme the individual will be expected to see a doctor, nurse and worker on a regular basis. They  will also be tested on a regular basis to check that they have taken your prescribed drug and have stopped taking illegal drugs
  • Prenoxad Training: Prenoxad is a drug that can reverse heroin overdose, and save lives. Please contact someone at Kaleidoscope if you would like to receive this training. To recognise signs and symptoms of overdose please go to the section “how to deal with Overdose”
  • Group programmes: we run a number of different groups that will help the individual understand their drug/alcohol use through shared learning with people who are in a similar position. The groups will help the individual move on and start to overcome their problems.
  • Needle exchange: we offer a range of injecting equipment and sharps disposal containers, depending on a client’s needs, across all of our offices. We also give specific advice and information on injecting. Additionally there are a number of chemists across Powys where clients can get free supplies of injecting equipment. The chemists that offer this service are as follows:


Brecon Crickhowell Llandrindod wells Lower Cwmtwrch Newtown Rhayader Welshpool Ystradgynlais
Boots UK Ltd

Unit 8, Bethel Square

Boots the Chemists, Beaufort Street Beaufort Street, Victoria House, Station Crescent Davies Chemist, 43 Gyrnosfa, Gurnos Boots the Chemists, 20 – 21 High St. Rowlands Pharmacy, London House, West St. Boots UK Ltd, 16 Broad St. JG & RJ Davies Chemists, 8 Commercial St.
The Co-operative Pharmacy, 7 The Bulwark Lakeside Pharmacy, Princess Avenue


  • Testing for blood-borne viruses like HIV and hepatitis: Evidence shows that the sooner you are tested for any of these viruses, the better the response will be to treatment. At Kaleidoscope we have linked in with specialist treatment centres that we can refer you onto.


  • Residential services: if, for whatever reason, the individual cannot be treated in the community we can refer you to specialist treatment services, which include:
  1. Inpatient detoxification:
    If someone is not able to quit drugs or alcohol at home, then we can refer them to specialist units which offer medically supervised withdrawal, who can monitor someone 24hrs a day.
  2. Residential rehabilitation:
    Once someone has stopped taking drugs/alcohol, they may find it difficult to cope with life out in the community. For the small group of people who cannot do this, we can refer to specialist residential units. These will involve being away from home for up to 3 months depending on your needs.
  3. Criminal Justice Work:
    Anyone who has been arrested for possession/supply of drugs or an alcohol/drug related offence or come into contact with criminal justice services will have access to this service that includes the following:
  4. Arrest referral: if someone has been arrested they can ask to be seen by one of our specialist arrest referral workers. These will see the person while in custody and assess their drug and alcohol use and will advise them on what to do. Even if they just want some advice, they should ask the custody sergeant for an appointment.
    Court Scheme: We have workers who are based in all the courts across Powys each week. If they would like to see one simply ask in the court, either via your solicitor, probation worker, or Clerk of the Court.
  5. Prison Release: If someone has been remanded in custody or have received a sentence for an alcohol/drug related offence, then ask the prison drug service for a referral. Once we have a referral we can arrange to ensure that they get access to treatment upon release and ensure that treatment doesn’t stop if they are receiving treatment while in prison.
  6. Probation Work: The Probation service now runs a number of programmes that can help with drug/alcohol use and can be used as an alternative to custody. If their drug/alcohol use is out of control it might be an idea to speak to an officer in the court for an assessment.